9 Things You Need To Add To Your Fitness Bucket List

A bucket list is all about facing your fears or trying something amazing before “kicking the bucket.” I challenge you to take a different approach to your fitness bucket list. These 9 physically challenging and skillful tasks combine different aspects of fitness. Knock ’em out and you will surely secure your title as a “Fitness Freak.” Some may take longer for you to conquer than others but are all achievable with plenty of practice. Give them a try! I dare you!

1. Master That Pull-Up

Too many women give up after their first few attempts, proclaiming that pull-ups were designed for men. Rubbish! Start training by doing one-arm military presses with a kettle bell, slowly increasing the weight to strengthen your back muscles. The active negative of the weight of the kettlebell also mimics the pull-up movement and is perfect practice. When you feel more confident, hang a resistance band to assist you with the pull-ups, squeezing your shoulder blades together in every pull. Finally, toss the extra assistance and master that pull-up! giphy

2. Cross The 10 Km Mark

As you begin to run, try setting a distance goal. Ten kilometers may seem very daunting in the beginning. However, it is a distance that is very achievable through training. The distance is great enough to have a sense of achievement and success.

Start slowly to build up strength and endurance. Jog five minutes and then walk five minutes for as long as you can. Work your way up by increasing the overall time distance. Finally, start alternating the intervals to a five-minute jog and four-minute walk, and then six-minute jog and three-minute walk until you cross that golden 10 km line.

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3. Break That Three-Minute Plank Barrier

Learning how to perform a plank with proper form is the first step to crossing this off the list. However, you’ll need to build the strength and endurance to hold this move for three minutes or longer. This exercise is awesome for core conditioning, posture, and balance. Additionally, it works the glutes and hamstrings.

Start by focusing on the form of the plank: elbows under the shoulders and bum tucked in as if you were trying to pull your pelvis to your chest. This will help engage your core. As a beginner, hold for short intervals of at least 15 seconds with minimum rest in between. Over time, increase the length of these intervals until that fateful day of holding a three-minutes plank comes.


4. Perfect Your Push-Up

No equipment needed and no excuses accepted! Although a push-up may appear very simple and novice, it is a fantastic exercise that incorporates many muscles most are unaware of. When performed correctly, the push-up uses the triceps, pectoral, and deltoid muscles for maneuvering while using the core and legs to maintain balance and posture.

Start with your knees on the ground to get the correct posture and build strength in your arms, chest, and shoulders. Once you can complete 20 reps of modified push-ups, lift your knees off the ground and start practicing the full movement until you can complete 20 without rest.


5. Try A CrossFit Class

CrossFit has rapidly gained fame in the fitness industry and is even the preferred method of training for many celebrities like Jessica Biel, Brad Pitt, and Vanessa Hudgens. It combines aerobic exercises with both bodyweight exercises and weightlifting. Thus, it builds lean muscle and keeps your heart rate rocketing throughout the entire workout, torching those calories. Apart from its high-intensity advantages, CrossFit also incorporates moves that’ll help improve your speed, power, coordination, and stability. The Olympic lift is a signature exercise for all CrossFitters to master. Round up a few friends and work up a sweat together.


6. Conquer A Major Hiking Trail

Hiking is not only incredibly taxing on one’s body, but it also requires adamant mental focus as the uphill struggle will challenge your willpower. Research some of the world’s best hiking trails and choose one that appeals most to you. Begin your training by focusing on low-intensity and steady-state cardio exercises. Additionally, leg strengthening exercises like lunges and squats. Lastly, use an exercise ball for core exercises. Some paths may test your balance.


7. Practice The Art Of Balance

Balance is fundamental to our daily activities and is the key to knocking out your fitness goals. It may also prevent the use of canes, walkers, and scooters as you age. Start now to reap the benefits later.

To master, the art of balance takes time, patience, and a lot of practice. Start by balancing on one leg at a time with your eyes open. Once you are comfortable holding this position for 15 seconds, move to a doorframe for the next step. Holding on to the sides of the doorframe, balance on both feet with your eyes closed for 15 seconds. Then raise one foot and balance with your eyes closed for 15 seconds. Try to use the support of the frame as little as possible and keep practicing until you no longer need support.


8. Attend A Yoga Class

Yoga is becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise. And for good reason. Some of the endless benefits of yoga include flexibility, energy, vitality, balance, and strength.


9. Learn To Hold A Handstand

Handstands help increase your upper body strength and improve your balance. They are also a fantastic exercise to strengthen your core muscles. However, many shy away from this exercise with the excuse of not being a gymnast or a yogi.

Start by holding a handstand against the wall for as long as possible to increase your upper body strength. Then lift one leg away from the wall and try to maintain your balance. Once you abandon the wall, slowly increase the length of time you can hold the handstand. Remember, it is all about balance and steadiness. If you find yourself shaking or falling over, go back to the wall.


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