Motivational Fitness Quotes to Help You Stick to Your Fitness Goals!

Take your fitness to the next level with some fit-spiration!

Just not feeling like going to the gym today? That’s okay, we all have days when we just want to eat Ben and Jerry’s and watch Netflix. When you’re feeling the urge to skip the gym, here are some great reasons and motivational quotes to get you going!

Regular physical activity, along with wholesome nutrition, is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. In fact, in times of dietary illnesses and chronic disease as a result of lacking regular exercise, one of the most important things you can do is taking care of your health.

Exercising your body and eating healthily can at times be quite challenging. At the same time, it will help you to avoid a lot of trouble with being forced to fight complicated illnesses in the future. Keeping your body lean, mean, flexible, and healthy helps you to enjoy the great benefits of living a balanced life.

Regular exercise helps you to keep your body functioning optimally. If you’re physically fit, you’ll be happier, healthier, and more resistant to infections. Similarly, when you’re physically fit, you’re less likely to suffer from heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Despite all the great benefits that come with exercising, it can be quite a challenge to integrate fitness into your daily routine. In fact, those of us who try to exercise regularly know how much willpower it takes sometimes to get up from the comfortable couch and start working out.

Whenever you’re struggling to get into the groove of exercising, motivational fitness quotes can work wonders. These statements will get you excited about working out, which in turn helps you to finally get off the couch. In fact, motivating exercise quotes have the potential to reawaken your passion and excitement for working out.

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This doesn’t have to be work out related, it could be meal prepping, laying out your gym clothes or just cleaning out your pantry! Think about your future self as you would a friend. How can you help her out when she’s stressed? What can you do now that she’ll be so thankful for later? Sometimes we think we can do it all when we would never expect our friends to take on all those burdens. Re-framing how we approach our day and the tasks we need to do can help us prioritize what’s important.

Are you afraid to try that new HIIT training class? Afraid you won’t make it through the first 15 min? It’s totally okay to leave a class early if you feel like you’ve had a good workout. It’s also perfectly fine if you take a break when you’re out of breath. Proper recovery time in between intense bouts of activity is actually what allows our bodies to continue to burn fat throughout the workout. Make sure you rest for up to two minutes in between intense exercises. Don’t try to keep up with the group if you are new because you will increase your risk of injury.

This last quote is the best! We often get caught up scrolling through Instagram, or even images like these for inspiration. While it’s cool to see abs on women, it’s also important to acknowledge that they could be airbrushed or the model is dehydrated for the photo shoot. It’s not realistic to expect our bodies to look like a fake image. Now that’s just silly, isn’t it?

Now get up and get moving!

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